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Dorset County Council have a whole range of services [over 50] which the public can report on line. From “abandoned cars” to “Traffic regulation orders comments” via  blue badge applications ,dropped kerbs,  requesting garden waste collection and so much more  they can all be accessed here.

Report Bad Driving in the Village

The Village roads seem to be getting busier and busier, a situation which will not be helped by the various road closures around the area that are scheduled. Diverted traffic looking for a quicker route will almost certainly increase in the coming months. If you witness any examples of dangerous driving, speeding, inappropriate or anti-social driving etc the police want to know about it. Without examples of problem driving they are unable to act and problem driving will continue.

They have provided an email address where members of the public can directly report problems:

If reporting an issue please give as much detail as possible, the location and time of day are essential, registration number, colour and make of vehicle would be ideal. Adding in facts such as driver on mobile whilst speeding may get quicker response. The police need evidence as to visit a location and if they have two or three from a location it better justifies a visit.

Pot holes and Road Closures

Pot holes and road closures.

The state of the villages roads continues to get worse. The only way we are likely to get any change is if more people report them directly to the council. Dorset County Council has a form to fill in for you to do so at the link below

Report a Pot Hole


Planned road closures

When I started compiling this page it seemed like an easy task, but the truth is that in the next few months the whole area is going to be ringed by so many roadworks of one sort or another that it is difficult to list them all. Instead  the best way of finding out about them is to go to this site and enter a Child Okeford post code. It is not good news. Potentially the most damaging of these closures is the one in Haywards lane scheduled to start in July. Coming so soon after the closure of the Haywards bridge this one could threaten the viability of local businesses but it appears there is nothing that can be done.

Wessex Water is replacing the water main in Haywards lane between 2nd July and 14th September. The work commences west of Cranbourne Edge and appears to extend up to the school and the junction between Duck street and Station road. This is likely to be a complete closure of the road but Wessex water cannot be sure of this until they start work.

The Bells, The Bells

The Bells, The Bells

“The project to replace the existing heavy, hard going bells with a lighter, more manageable ring is about to bear fruit.  The existing 6 bells are due to be taken down over the 19th/20th April and it is hoped that the new bells will be hung by the end of June.  The new ring will comprise four redundant bells, originally cast in 1934 at the Whitechapel foundry as a chime for the News of the World building in Bouverie Street London, and then in the 1960s given to All Saints Murston in Kent, plus the existing treble and 2nd which will be retuned as the 3rd and 4th of the new ring.  The work is being carried out by Matthew Higby & Co Ltd.

Whilst the bells are out the band will hold its Monday night practice at Manston.”

The Bells The Bells update

On the 11th May 1887 a new set of six bells, were dedicated by the Bishop of Salisbury in honour of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Since then they have been heard on numerous state occasions, marked the end of two World Wars and been rung in celebration of countless marriages. For generations they have called the living to remember the dead. Today for the first time in 130+ years they were lowered to the ground never to ring in St Nicholas belfry again. The operation proceeded smoothly and a number of villagers came to witness the event, with Bob Crighton who has organised the bells appeal on hand throughout. [Consent to publish obtained by covwscoordinator]

The last bell down was the mighty tenor and it caused some problems getting it down because of its size [17 cwt [[hundredweight]] . It was too large for the space available and had to have its headstock removed.  In modern terms 863 kg is a lot of bell and unsubstantiated rumour had it that local farmers were asked to help lift it into the van.

The tenor is of to Chilham in Kent to replace a bell there. The inscription on it “Praise God. These six bells set up by the people of Childe Okeford” may cause some consternation in future historians of St Mary’s in Chilham


















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